New Speculative Science Fiction Novel - Rise of the Wanderers By Elliott Morreau

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NEW YORK - s4story -- Elliott Morreau is pleased to announce the release of his new speculative science fiction novel, Rise of the Wanderers. This is book one in the Wanderlands Chronicles series.

In a frozen wasteland, hope and survival collide…

The Wanderlands Chronicles universe is a frozen wasteland, taking place after climate change froze over Earth and the citizens cowered into the tallest volcano known as the Pyre for warmth. Slowly they would rediscover technology and attempt to conquer the frozen world with the invention of the trackless train.

Rise of the Wanderers is sweeping, action-orientated, speculative fiction that follows Ruby 'the Ruthless' who has been forced by the Authority Government to kill the last Wanderer, John Bergensen, in return for her children's freedom.

The only problem? John is her ex-husband and the last representation of the only thing that matters to the citizens of the Wanderlands: hope, survival, and freedom in the otherwise tyrannically controlled world of the Authority. Torn between saving her children and freeing herself and the Wanderlands from the Authority's control, Ruby leans on her current lover, as well as the crew on her trackless train, The Old Betty. And together, full steam ahead, she decides to launch an assault on John Bergensen and his crew.

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What follows is a classic tale of love and betrayal, spine-tingling action, and eventual gut-wrenching defeat. In the end, Ruby will make the ultimate sacrifice by losing her lover, her crew, and even her children, to free the citizens of the Wanderlands once and for all.

In a world frozen by climate change, only the brave will dare to challenge the authority…

About the Author:
Elliott Morreau (1997-) was born in a little town in southern Ontario called Saint Thomas. Growing up there he learned many things from his parents and the environment around him. At the age of fourteen Elliott Morreau set out to write his first book, by the age of 16 he had completed two. Joining the army at 19 has led him to a tons of adventure, which he uses to help refine is craft.

Rise of the Wanderers is available for purchase at Amazon in print and ebook formats.

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