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Newest Baseball Bat Grip Technology from Nakoma Products Is a Big Hit On and Off the Field

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BRIDGEVIEW, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nakoma Products, LLC launches another winning product named the Diamond Bat Grip.

Innovative. Superior. Nothing like it exists in the market. The grip only takes seconds to apply, and batters are amazed, experiencing greater feel and swing control, in all weather conditions including cold and/or extremely hot weather.

"With baseball season in full swing we are practically out of stock, in just 60 days. Players are loving the grip, and sharing their experiences," says Sam Averbuch, Division President.

And sharing is exactly what's happening as it's becoming a viral phenomenon. On social media platform TikTok, a handful of videos were shared within the past 10 days and have been featured multiple times due to the TikTok algorithm; with views of over 26 million people and over 1.7 million expressing great interest, with zero paid advertising.

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"The interest levels are exploding and we are learning a ton about the individual benefits and the vast uses and demographics," says Averbuch.

Like a high-quality performing tire that can be trusted on any car, the Diamond Bat Grip is similar in the sense that it is engineered for all bat types; for all skill levels of player, from the professional batter to the beginner, and everyone in between.

Derek Hicks, athletic director, has purchased and seen how it impacts his players' performance while saving time spent applying grips to bats. "...The bat's not stinging... and it has saved me so much time," Hicks said. "I do not have a lot of time in the day to sit and roll bat tape out."


The Diamond Bat Grip is much easier and faster to apply than traditional taping methods—users simply slip the product onto the bat and zip it up with no gluing, taping or heating required. The Diamond Bat Grip is open-ended, has been factory pre-stretched, and assembled onto a supporting removable plastic core. The Diamond Bat Grip shrinks upon removal of the supporting core during the installation process as the diamond tread expands for maximum traction. The elastic polymer material is extremely shock absorbing; as well, its tackiness lasts 10x longer than competing bat tapes. Unlike tape, this won't unravel. Designed for all types of baseball bats, its useful application also includes: hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, cricket bats and more.

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Andy Szot, who manages 45+ and U12 teams outside Chicago says he believes Diamond Bat Grip offers his players superior comfort, convenience, and performance. "In my opinion, taping bats is time-consuming and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of effectively absorbing shock. The Diamond Bat Grip cures these problems by providing ballplayers with the convenience of a superior grip while at the plate."

Visit DiamondBatGrip.com to learn more.

Visit Nakoma.com to learn more about the parent company, and its other global brands.
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