Nikki Davenport Unveils Her Latest Black-on-Black Romance INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT

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A remarkable tale of resilience and romance that's impossible to put down.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. - s4story -- Author on the rise Nikki Davenport is set to captivate readers with her latest novel, "INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT," scheduled for November 4th. With a remarkable journey that began during her battle with breast cancer, Davenport has channeled her experiences into a compelling romance that shines a light on important issues surrounding breast cancer, mental health, and intimacy after diagnosis. This book is a remarkable example of the powerful stories that can emerge from the margins of the traditional publishing industry.

Davenport, an accomplished writer specializing in steamy contemporary romance within the subgenre of Black-on-Black romance, has already earned recognition as a finalist in the prestigious Audio in Color grant program. Her decision to venture into self-publishing is a conscious choice to maintain complete creative control and amplify marginalized voices, as she believes that gatekeepers in the publishing world have perpetuated a disservice to society.

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Holding a background in social work and education, she uses her expertise to address critical issues within the romance genre. She fearlessly tackles topics like dubious consent practices and the importance of safer sex, contributing to a more informed and inclusive discourse within the genre.

"Humans are hard-wired for connection, and relationships make us who we are. Romantic relationships are not the only important ones. Those other relationships that sustain you must be tended to, as well, just as your romantic relationships must. The relationship you have with yourself is just as important and needs to be nurtured. That's why friendships play such a critical role in my writing," emphasizes Davenport.

"INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT" takes readers on a journey through the story of Khara Therin, a young queen of a small island nation who is a breast cancer survivor. The novel explores the challenges faced by Khara as she regains her health and finds steamy romance.

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Stephanie Francis, a reviewer on Goodreads, raves about "INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT," saying, "Khara is a whole entire vibe, a queen in every sense of the word. And I just drool over Joshua he is smart, gorgeous, mysterious… The plot is layered and engaging, and the pacing is spot on; I devoured this book fast. It's got the tension, danger, chemistry…"

The novel weaves a tale of intrigue, love, and danger as Khara Therin and Joshua Riddick's paths cross. A powerful enemy is determined to end not only Khara's reign but also her life. With the clock ticking and everything to lose, the protagonists discover an unexpected connection. The story is the first in the ongoing Destination: Lytua series.

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