Personalized the Packaging with "Custom Printed Boxes"

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Besides, printing is an excellent way to personalize the packaging. If you want to write any kind of statement, messages, quotes or other things, you can use the printing-options to do so. Furthermore, if you are using the boxes for gift purposes, you can relate the boxes with occasion through the printing options.

Like, if you are buying Custom Printed Boxes for the birthdays, you can add the cake stickers. If you are purchasing a box for wedding, you can add the related wedding pictures. Printing options are available almost for every kind of packaging.

In these boxes, different types of material are used. The material can be cardboard, cardstock, Kraft, rigid, and many others. Moreover, the elaboration options are also available to go with for the fantastic appearance of the Custom Boxes. Here comes to the printing techniques that you can avail of for the advertising purposes or to make the use of the product easy for the customers by printing its usage guideline.

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Customize Printing Options:

You can avail the ample range of printing options in Custom Boxes With Logo for the printing purpose. Moreover, the following methods are usable:

Off-set printing
Digital printing
Flexography printing

Offset Printing:

Additionally, in this type of printing, ink is used instead of toner. This type of printing is using for mass production. The result of this printing is bright and long-lasting. Moreover, the off-set printing method is mostly used for bulk printing purposes. In this method, different plates are used to finalize the procedure.

Digital Printing:

Furthermore, digital printing is an advance type of printing. It is same as the offices' printers work means the toner is used in this type of printing.  Additionally, digital printing includes the use of toner same as the office printers.

Flexography Printing:

Moreover, this is a modern type of printing. Flexography is best for simple structures and one or two colours' printing. While the flexography considers as the printing of the modern era, this type is also in use for large quantity printing.

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Styles and Types:

Following are the types and styles of the Custom Packaging:

Sleeve box
Pillow boxes
Two-piece box
Display box
Dispenser box
Gable box
Tuck end box
Reverse tuck end box
Straight tuck end box
Auto-lock bottom
Sealed end box

Sleeve Box: This style is mostly in use for watch boxes.

Two-piece Box: Moreover, this style is common for the iPhone boxes.

Display Box: The example for this style is boxes of bubble gums or chocolates on counter tables.

Dispenser Box: This style is best for the tissue boxes.

Gable Box: This style is good for food serving boxes.


Three types of coating for the Custom retail Packaging Boxes:

spot UV

Glossy Coating: This coating gives a shiny look to the outings of packaging.

Matte Coating: This coating gives a flat look to the excursions of packaging.stats
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