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PlayerAuctions Presents New PoE Currency Market Tracker

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Make trading PoE currency more convenient with PlayerAuctions's new PoE Currency Market Price Tracker. Find out the highs and lows of the economy in a set amount of days, see the best-rated sellers, and buy and sell right on the tool's page.

LOS ANGELES - June 11, 2018 - s4story -- You may be wondering what is this Market Tracker is and what it does. Well, as its name says, it tracks the price of PoE currency being sold on our site. It shows a 7-day to almost a year's worth of price highs and lows, what servers have active offers (and the average price of those offers), and the best-rated sellers of the currency. There's also some extra statistics thrown in for good measure.

Why Should You Care About the Market Tracker?

It's a nifty tool to help you figure out which offers to take, as well as when to buy and when to sell currency. You don't have to guess as much which seller's offer to take, or which has the best value for money. The graph about the seller's ratings helps you with that.

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As for the second thing, you'll also be able to predict when it is most advantageous to buy or sell currency. That's how the 7-day to almost a year highs and lows graph is for. It shows the pattern and fluctuation of the economy.

The rest of the statistics on the page describe the current community, as well as showing what the game's most expensive items sold are.

The Best Player-to-Player Trading Platform

PlayerAuctions is dedicated to providing the best marketplace for players. That means improving on what already exists, and adding more and more useful features. You can expect similar announcements in the future. We even accept feedback and suggestions, so you can be part of our growth. Enjoy your trading experience with the new PoE Currency Market Price Tracker!

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Daisy Marino

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