Rudolph Bader's 3 novels are now available to download in audiobook format

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Rudolph Bader's "The Prison of Perspective," "White Lies" and "What Happened in the Forest" are published

Now available in audiobook

About the Books:

The Prison of Perspective

Three narrative strands follow the lives of Peter, Cathy and Ivan from post-war austerity and mediocrity in the 1950s and 1960s to the fast-moving lifestyle of the present decade. Their lives eventually intersect, revealing their different ways of interpreting the same events.  This novel primarily deals with fallacies of perception, sexual awakening, emotional exploitation and the proximity of death.

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White Lies

In Nazi Germany, young Manfred is hardly aware of the influence that draws him into the existing political system. After the War, he changes his name and builds up a new career, starting a family, first in the States, later in Britain. While his friends and family have no idea of his activities during the War, his daughter Nora and his grandson Andrew, being interested in recent history, begin to suspect their (grand-) father's dark secret.

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What Happened in the Forest

Philomena, a quiet woman in her late forties, lives in a small village and keeps to herself.  Yet, there is much more to her than meets the eye. She has had love affairs, is knowledgeable about music and literature and has written a series of best-selling novels under a pen-name, which gives her financial independence.  However, she is haunted by a traumatic experience in the forest from her youth.

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The story takes the reader through British and international history from the 1980s to today, but the main focus lies on Philomena's emotional and intellectual development, along with the quest for truth in connection with what happened in the forest on that fateful day.

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