Still Missing Max: Finding Hope After My Marine Son's Death - Revised Expanded Edition to be published by Veteran Publisher

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DENVER - June 9, 2016 - s4story -- Missing Max is a compelling story of one mother's journey as Julie recalls the extraordinary events surrounding the death of her Marine son, Corporal Max W. Donahue, who was killed in Afghanistan in August 2010. You will share her despair, fears, tears and finally, her hope as Julie moves through the days and months following word of Max's injury, and then his death.

Missing Max is a must-read for anyone who has lost a loved one. It encourages the reader to live a life focused on making their lost loved-one proud. Julie writes of moving through the grieving process and, through her faith and the love of family and friends, begins the healing process and going forward with her life.

Julie's hope in writing Max's story is that it will provide strength, hope, courage and faith to those who need it. And she hopes that Max, and all fallen soldiers, will never be forgotten.

Still Missing Max: The Expanded Version tells of the intimate way God carried Julie through the years following Max's death. Even if the reader doesn't share her faith, most won't dispute that something miraculous was and is occurring.

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The War Writers' Campaign is a literary nonprofit with the mission of generating social change for veterans and their families through written awareness. This book is one of many to come from The War Writers' Campaign, a nonprofit publisher that aims to support veteran and family member programs. 100% of all proceeds, beyond a royalty to the authors, are utilized for transformative transitional programs that promote storytelling in our community.

"There are some wonderful resources out there for those who have had a loved one die while in service. There's TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), Gold Star Wives of America, and American Gold Star Mothers, to name a few. And then there's Julie Schrock. She lost her son, a Marine dog handler I feature in Soldier Dogs, to an IED in Afghanistan. Since his death she has devoted her life to inspiring people via talks and a book to live the best lives they can, and to cope with losses. She has been through so much, and is a true inspiration, whatever your religious views. This mom of a hero is a hero herself."

- Maria Goodavage - NY Times Best Selling Author - Soldier Dogs

Julie Schrock - Author and Mother of Max W. Donahue

Julie Schrock has experience and training in a variety of fields, none of which are traditional qualifications for writing a book. What qualifies her to write THIS book are her experiences as a mother of a Marine son deployed to and killed in Afghanistan. On that topic, she is a subject-matter expert.

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Julie is available for speaking engagements and personal appearances. She can be contacted at missingmax2011@gmail.com.

TitleStill Missing Max
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