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The New Children's Book, "More Than One Way to Fly," is on a Mission to Spread Kindness

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As World Autism Month Approaches, the book's lyrical "call to kindness" resonates more deeply, soaring off the page and into the reader's heart

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - s4story -- With her book, More Than One Way to Fly, Tami L. Ullom conveys the importance of befriending the more marginalized in society, such as those on the autism spectrum.

In this charming rhyming tale, Charity the Chickadee demonstrates the beauty of seeking out friendships with feathered friends who are different from herself and discovering a different point of view. It is a story of diversity and resilience and, above all, extending kindness to everyone.

Birds of a feather flock together
Yes, the saying is true
Yet, the tale of the friendly Chickadee
Reveals another point of view

Herein, you'll discover
We all have gifts to share
In keeping friendships varied
We discover opportunities rare

Venture forth, dear reader
Seek out others unlike you

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"If this book helps expand the horizons of just ONE person, it has accomplished its mission." Ullom said. "If it serves as a small step on the path to achieving a society in which everyone's talents and skills are appreciated and valued, it is a success."

More Than One Way to Fly is currently available in both Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon. A FREE Author Read-Aloud is also available on YouTube.



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