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"The Yuletide Caper" is a Fun Holiday Escapade Filled with Romance, Hope, and Goodwill

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SOMERSET, Ky. - s4story -- Released on November 20, J.L. Salter's newest book, "The Yuletide Caper," is a compelling and humorous tale of romance showcasing the sweet, and positive side of nursing home care. Salter's intimate knowledge of the care given to his mother at a local nursing home combines with his masterful writing skill to create characters and obstacles grounded in reality.

"The Yuletide Caper" is an uplifting tale that both depicts the real situations many nursing home residents find themselves in, and reminds readers that the facility does not necessarily define the individual. As Salter explains, "Certainly there are nursing home horror stories here and there, but the facility where my mother now resides is a dramatic exception to such negative news. What I hope I've been able to capture in this novel is the sweet spirit of several patients, the genuine concern of the administration and management, and the caring attention of most nurses, aides, housekeepers, and others in support functions."

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This exhilarating and hopeful romance with copious amounts of humor, multi-dimensional characters, and unbelievable dialogue will captivate readers of all ages while nursing home employees, home health providers, family primary care providers, and veterans will also resonate with the story's central message.

"The Yuletide Caper" follows Matt Clarke, a down-on-his-luck 30-year-old, and an old WW2 combat veteran who briefly needs to stay indoors and snag a few warm meals. On a particularly cold Christmas weekend, Matt finds himself passing through a small Tennessee town when his truck is stolen…along with almost all his worldly possessions. An elder vet, the grizzled John Lester, decides to elicit Matt's help in an inventive caper he'd been working on. Matt has to quickly decide whether he will help this old geezer sneak into a nursing home, or just go on his way…alone. If they do manage to get inside, perhaps they can fool the helpful housekeeper and the skeptical (but lovely) young nurse, Lucia Alvarez. But what about the brusque aide who's a stickler for rules and the absence of a doctor's referral and other vital paperwork? One thing's for certain: Matt won't be able to accomplish much of anything by himself — he'll need several individuals to assist and others to turn a blind eye.

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About the author
Besides fiction, J.L. Salter has published nonfiction monographs, articles, book reviews, and 120 poems; his writing has won 40 awards, including national contests. As a newspaper photojournalist, J.L. published 250 bylined articles or photos. Before working 30 years in librarianship, he was a decorated USAF veteran (including a remote tour in the Arctic). J.L. is a married parent of two and grandparent of six.

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