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As "Happy Holidays" 1/2 Time approaches. Don't forget grab a possible sales boost with crunching numbers for the Holiday Season.

SEATTLE - s4story -- What do you get... when you combine... the news, your business, social media, keywords, buzz marketing, and a little chutzpah? You Almost Everywhere. Almost Anywhere You Want to Be.

☘What I do...👽😈👽

😁Hi, I am a PR Guy. I write direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helps small business owners increase leads and sales.

☘I do this by...👽😈👽

😃Wish Perk Advisor - List some options to do for your cause, set some key performance indicators of our successes working together, and/or help you change peoples lives the best possible ways you know how.

😃Strategic Publicist - Build buzz, word-of-mouth advertising, and/or get more publicity for your businesses.

😃Rogue Publicist - Absorb the pulse in your markets, then pump out breakthrough after breakthrough, and/or help you build multiple streams of internet income--or, whatever you want based on the above and below.

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😃Cause Marketing PR Specialist - Help people find out about the goodwill you do in the economy, your efforts on good citizenzenship, and/or what you do to make a difference in your communties.

😃Customer Value Optimization Expert - Design, write, and optimize powerful, automated sales funnels.

☘I do all that by...👽😈👽

♻️Check out what you are into, do some research online, and/or figure out what to do with it.

♻️Test the ideas out in small ways, then ramp up proven profits, and/or results.

♻️Write up numerous ways to help you start, buy, and/or grow your businesses in a bespoke sort of way kind-of-like -- all with a customized PR Promo campaigns approach, working extremely well in various industries -- across dozens of different niches.

♻️Monitor your markets, promote your businesses, and/or help you do more of what you're trying to do.

♻️Serve you an almost limitless amount of leads, sales, and/or business developments.


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About: ShoppingMoneyPR.com  - Writes direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helps self-help publishers increase business. Customizes core strengths of marketing, innovation, and strategy from these big ideas below on businesses. Imagine how businesses: copywriting, product development, marketing, and sales of relates to building out word of mouth buzz off these ideas: * Public Relations Consultant * PR Business Development Consultant * Direct Marketing and Communications Consultant * Direct-response Copywriting Consultant * Intuitive Motivations Consultant Does this by: 1) Helps clients see the limitless money pools hidden in markets. 2) Positions messages to stay front of mind in potential client's ears. 3) Absorbs the pulse in markets to help create more out of what clients already do.

Jon Paul PR Guy

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