Use various embellishments for the packaging of candles

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Nowadays candles are in use for the decoration on almost every other occasion. But, candles are fragile, so they need proper packaging to keep them safe from any damage. However, durable custom candle boxes are the right choice to keep them secure for a long period of time.

You can have candle gift boxes in any shape, design, layout, colour or size. Many packaging companies are working all day and night to give the best affordable candles.
Material accessible for bath Bomb Packaging:

It is important to save your bath bombs, and it is only possible by keeping them in vigorous and durable custom boxes. There are great packaging companies that are offering a tremendous range of materials for their clients. However, it's up to the client which material they want to use for their items. Following are the materials which most of the companies offer:


However, Kraft is one of the eco-accommodating and biodegradable materials accessible. Kraft is a sort of material that is recyclable. Plus, it is the best material that is also contributing to the magnificence of nature. The thickness of Kraft ranges from 14pt to 22 pt. Besides, you can lessen or increase the thickness level of the material.

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Also, the cardboard and the cardstock are materials that accompany flexible thickness quality. Both of these are a thick type of basic paper. You can enhance or lessen the thickness of these two materials also. You can without any problem change or convert this material in whatever style you need. However, most generally, 14pt is highly in use for these materials.

On the contrary side, the use of rigid material is especially remarkable. This is the material with the best appearance, yet it is costly in price. However, if you want to give a luxurious look to your boxes, then rigid material is the right choice. All the referenced materials will give the desired look to your candle packaging boxes UK.

You can also have so many other embellishments for your candle boxes. However, candles are always the right thing to add a charm to your surroundings. You can make your boxes more presentable and alluring for the customers by using foiling, coatings, embossing, debossing, window addition, and much more according to your budget. Plus, coatings are also available in three options, i.e. matte.

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Matte coatings make your boxes dull and dense. If you like these boxes in this way, then this is the right choice for your custom printed boxes. In case you don't like the dense look then gloss coating is also accessible. This makes the look of your boxes shimmery and lustrous. However, if you want to have gloss and matte both, then spot UV is the right thing.  You can have this coating in any area or full surface of the box. Plus, if you want to use these coatings to highlight any text or logo, then spot UV is the best decision for candle packaging wholesale.
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