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Montessori-inspired children books set to revolutionize How we educate our children

Children ages 3-10 will be learning while they play Simple point and listen technology empowers children to learn independently Each book covers 10 different school subjects to inspire future innovators STEM focused scenes engage children to find answers Recording features strengthen families
DALLAS - March 20, 2018 - s4story -- Getting children to be excited about education can become a power struggle. A Dallas-based company is improving family harmony by fueling children's love of learning starting at a young age.

Discover Wonders is launching 12 uniquely designed STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) talking books on Kickstarter to inspire children to rethink school subjects, using everyday items children love -- bicycles, toys, cars, and many more. Each of these talking books uses one everyday item as a starting point to introduce advanced school topics to children ages 3-10.

Montessori-inspired content sparks the love of learning

To inspire children to think like innovators, who connect observations across dimensions, each Discover Wonders book  covers 10 units - biology and health, world awareness, STEM, basic economics, environmental awareness, arts, and history. Each unit uses beautifully illustrated scenes and questions children can relate to spark the love of discovery.

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"Children are naturally curious about their world," Yiu said. "If school material is introduced at the point when curiosity is at its peak and at a level the child can understand, children will genuinely enjoy and be able to digest what we deem as 'advanced educational topics.' Discover Wonders  aims to do exactly that."

Over 300+ audio effects empower children to revise material independently

Each book can be used independently as a regular book, or you can use the Discover Talking Pen to make the books alive.

"Parents' availability and the child's vocabularies sometimes limit their quest for knowledge," Yiu said. "The talking pen is a means to bridge this gap when parents need a moment to take care of their obligations such as cooking or taking care of other children. It is not to replace parent-child reading time."

Recording features designed to strengthen the family

Using the Talking Pen, you can record your experience of introducing Discover Wonders to your child directly on the page as keepsake.

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Children can also listen to their aunts or grandparents read their favorite stories or tell them their personal stories in a photo book using the reccording stickers.

"Our supporters include parents in the military or police force, as well as parents who travel frequently for work," Yiu said.

You can pre-order Discover Wonders Talking Books on Kickstarter now; starting at as low as $19 for just the first book, or save up to $190 with the 12-month pack.

Discover Wonders has raised 91% of its $30,000 funding goal to meet their manufacturing minimum requirements through crowdsourcing.

Support Discover Wonders today

Founder Cecilia Yiu grew up in a slum in Hong Kong. Because of her parents' dedication to her education, Cecilia eventualy broke out of the poverty cycle. Discover Talking Pen is her way to support parents' quest for good educational tools.

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